Blockchain Training

Blockchain Training

Blockchain , the cornerstone of a decentralization strategy, is a distributed database that is replicated across multiple nodes to enable immutable, permanent , Transprent and secure record-keeping of transactions. Essentially Blockchain is a self- regulated data storage and data transaction validation system.

The Blockchain Technology is the only peer to peer decentralized network to authorize users to digitally sign transactions with 100% accuracy.Blockchain is gaining popularity across industries such as finance, government, insurance, logistics, media healthcare and many others for being a borderless network of value exchange in real time.

Objectives Master the theoretical and Technical Foundations of Blockchain Technology
Understand the concept of decentralization , its impace and its relationship with blockchain technology.
Understand the underlying technical principles of blockchain development and implementation.
Understand the blockchain technology mechanisms behind Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
Understand how cryptography is used to secure data with practical examples
Ethereum blockchain is used to develop decentralized application using Solidity and relevant development frameworks.
Investigate alternative blockchain solutions including Hyperledger , Corda, and many more.
Identify possible blockchain implementation implications on legal aspects.

Outcome Thorough understanding of Cryptography and cryptocurrencies, Distributed Ledgers , Decentralization and smart contracts.
Ability to build powerful and highly secure, decentralized applications using Ethereum to create Smart Contracts and facilitate trusted in- app transactions.
Ability to provide innovation solutions to solve industry adoption and scalability issues

Duration: 40 hours Training, 5 days.

"Weekdays & Weekends Batches are Provided."

• Its going to be a full 100 % practical course, where the students themselves will have to do most of the things on the computers.

• At the most only 2 students will be allowed per computer. They will also get a chance to work on live projects.

Main Course Outline:

  • BLockchain Fundamentals
  • Blockchain Technology Development - Cryptocurrency

  • Implementation
  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum Project
  • HyperLedger
  • Decentralized Applications DApps

  • Strategy
  • Impact on Industry
  • Industry Use Cases and Business Models
  • Blockchain Project Implementation

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Certified Blockchain Training

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Certification: Upon completion of the course students will receive a certificate from our company SKYNET SECURE. International Certification also Available in association with Mahen Technologies, ATC- ECCouncil USA - CERTIFIED BLOCKCHAIN PROFESSIONAL - Eccouncil USA

Who is it for: Business tech executives: For Decision makers , Unit Holders, Technology innovators.
For Policy makers , government officials, regulators, compliance officers.
Full Stack Developers , programmers, coders.