Mobile Apps Development

Mobile Apps Development

Details: Understand the entire Mobile Apps Development Cycle from start to finish. You will be taught by the best in the Mobile development domain, you can transform your fascination into actual creation, develop applications as a hobby or professionally. The course is structured in such a way that the students will learn all the fundamentals about Mobile, also developing Mobile apps during the course schedule will allow them to explore Mobile world further allowing them to create apps themselves.

Duration: It is going to be a full 100 % practical course, where the students themselves will have to do most of the things on the computers. At the most only 2 students will be allowed per computer. They will also get a chance to work on live projects. Plus all the topics will taught practically on live systems.

Prerequisites:Anyone having a sound knowledge of computers,especially C and C++.

Few course modules:
  • - MVC architecture of iOS framework
  • - Life Cycle of the iOS App
  • - Creating various classes in Xcode
  • - Implementing navigation
  • - Apple Activity indicator
  • - Client server architecture
  • - Listing products onto the itunes store
  • - iCloud integration (iOS 7)
  • - How to configure apple server to use iCloud in app
  • - Introduction to Animation
  • - Gaming programming concepts

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Certification: Upon completion of the course students will receive a certificate from our company. SKYNET SECURE. "SKYNET SECURE CERTIFIED Mobile APP DEVELOPER" , We also provide GOVT CERTIFICATION(MSTB) for the same course, those students who wish to avail of the Govt. Certificate will need to pay some Govt fees & clear an exam taken by the Govt dept., then only they will be entitled to receive the Govt certificate So at the end the students can get dual certification for the same course.

Who should join: It is a must for people who get fascinated by the applications on Mobile, and wanting to develop themselves.