Python Projects

Python Projects

Details: Python is the most preferred programming language these days as it supports multiple programming paradigms, including object-oriented, imperative programming styles. Python is known for its ease of developing your own tools and as well as for developing secured websites and programs. It also has tons of libraries that helps throughout your journey in the field of programming. Hence, it provides an excellent platform to work with Python is used pretty much wherever a programmer, who knows Python, wants to focus on solving a problem instead of struggling with implementation details. You will find it in games, web applications, network servers, scientific computing, desktop tools, application scripting, Google websites etc. Python reduces development time. Its also the hackers preferred programming language.

Duration: 60 hours, 2 days a week or on weekends, 2 hours a day. It is going to be a full 100 % practical course, where the students themselves will have to do most of the things on the computers. At the most only 2 students will be allowed per computer. They will also get a chance to work on live projects. Plus all the topics will taught practically on live systems.

Prerequisites: Anyone having a sound knowledge of computers & using the internet regularly

Few course modules:
  • - Introduction of python and areas where we use python
  • - Python keyword, variable, constant, global, data type, list, tuple, dictionary, set.
  • - Different operations
  • - Functions in python.
  • - Web application development
  • - Developing Live Projects.
  • - and others..

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Certification:Upon completion of the course students will receive a certificate from our company SKYNET SECURE. "SKYNET SECURE CERTIFIED PYTHON DEVELOPER", we also provide GOVT CERTIFICATION for the same course, those students who wish to avail of the Govt Certificate will need to pay some Govt fees & clear an exam taken by the Govt dept., and then only they will be entitled to receive the Govt certificate. So at the end the students can get dual certification for the same course.

Who should attend: Anyone who is interested to make career in programming , Bsc Students , engg students , professionals , website designers , hackers who wanna make their own exploits

Pre-requisites: Anyone has a sound knowledge of computers & the internet, preferred to have knowledge of any one programming language (Java, C++).